Bracks announces boost to stem cell research

Granville University is pjarvees.comutting a small investment in its stem cell research programme into a new device that is able to convert stem cells into any type of tissue: blood, muscles, cartilage, skin, bone, teeth, skin cells, bones, tendons, fibres and organs.

As well as the new device, there will also be additional fu바카라nding for further research and development of future technologies.

Dr Ben Llewellyn and Dr Mark McCrae, Research Director and Head of Stem Cell Research at Granville University in Sydney, said that the technology could one day be made available for the clinical use of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis.

"With a small amount of funding, we are able to investigate the possibility of creating something that can replace the damaged tissues in M바카라사이트S and prevent further destruction. At least that is our hope."

"We can now look forward to continuing our research with patients who have already been severely damaged.

"In the meantime, our hope is that with sufficient funding, stem cell transplantation in patients with multiple sclerosis is soon feasible in both Australia and overseas."

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