Duterte says philippines could join sea exercises with japan

Duterte says there will be no changes at the National Palace, says it has been "occupied" by corrupt politicians

The US and the Philippines have called for an immediate end to the presence of troops in the southern island of Luzon.

President Rodrigo Duterte said Thursday that the U.S. and his Philippine counterpart were "on the verge of an open declaration of war" with the current administration.

"I was watching the news from the Philippines... to see, 'The U.S. military is now at the southern tip of Luzon,'... I thought I'd have to move my military base there," Duterte said at the event in the capital. "So if you want to join that, come and get it or leave. But it would be very, very difficult."

Duterte said that his military's presence there has been "occupied" by corrupt politicians who are being given preferential treatment and are also committing "lascivjarvees.comious acts."

"We need to withdraw, and so do you," he said.

He added that many people, including women, are taking risks to expose corruption, calling it akin to "a virus" which is threatening the country.

"We do not want war and we do not want to start wars.... We are living under the constant presence of political traitors."

The United States said last week that it would take action if the government in Manila did not rein in the forces in the southern island of Mindanao.

"The United States stands with our par바카라tners and allies and calls on all parties to resolve this conflict peacefully and without further escalation," a statement from the Obama administration said on Monday.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenjarvees.comzana said last month that the presence of military forces in Mindanao was to ensure stability and security of regional relations in the region.

The Philippines has since expressed its concern about the deployment of U.S. military personnel to Mindanao but says it does not view its presence as an invasion or as interfering in the rule of law.

Duterte, who has been a vocal critic of the US, also dismissed the accusations that he is engaged in illegal drug trade or supporting the drug gangs.

"I am not a drug dealer. I never was and I never will be," Duterte told reporters.

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