North talks up test credentials for US missile launchers and submarines after failing to agree on new rules

The European Union faces another test of its nuclear weapons by a test launch, amid reports the US and Russia could be trying to establish a missile defence shield in Eastern Europe.

Russian President Vladim바카라ir Putin said on Tuesday the test would be "another step towards establishing a new and reliable missile defense shield of the bloc".

The Russian leader added that he hoped that a "powerful, stable and reliable missile defence system" would protect Europe from any threats to its "economic and더킹카지노 security interests".

In return, the EU hopes the US, the US and other countries will work to "redefine and modernise" their ballistic missile defence shield.

The EU-US missile defence cooperation is based on the so-called Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, signed in 1993 and ratified by Russia and China in 2012.

After the failure of this test last month, the EU and US have said they are looking at ways to create a missile shield that covers the whole European region, including the Balkans, but so far the tests have been limited to Western Europe.

Mr Putin, in his visit, told officials from the Russian Defence Ministry and the US Missile Defence Agency (MDA) he would like to see the system "be extended, refined and reintegrated", the Russian president said.

On Wednesday, the US announced plans for a missile defence interceptor in Poland and is currently working wi바카라th several European allies to develop its own missile defense system, the official said.

The officials said the US also has discussed "the creation of a joint anti-missile defense system" with the UK.

In the interview, Mr Putin also discussed plans to "develop and implement the first major Russian-European missile defence system, the S-300."

The project, first announced by a Russian TV channel in 2011, has been put on hold by Moscow as it tries to modernise its ageing air defence system.

According to a Reuters report on Wednesday, an internal review by the Russian Defence Ministry into the development of the S-300 concluded that any new missile system would require an upgrade of the Russian air defence system that was in place since 2008.

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