Australians should questions doctors over certain tests: report

SUNRISE, Fla. — A re바카라 주소port from a panel of medical doctors calls on Health Canada to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to sell medical marijuana to licensed patients in the wake of recent recommendations to allow physicians to recommend it.

The report from the Health Policy Committee says it recommends that Health Canada consider allowing medical marijuana g에스 카지노rowers and patients to purchase marijuana by licensed pot retailers.

The report also calls for increased testing of health risks associated wit카지노 로얄 다시 보기h medical marijuana before physicians prescribe it.

The committee recommends:

Medical marijuana to be sold on prescription for chronic pain and cancer.

Marijuana to be sold for other diseases, including epilepsy and nausea, if deemed safe.

Marijuana to be sold for pain relief if prescribed by a physician; if it's not allowed, a panel of health experts from a leading Canadian hospital will advise Health Canada.

The committee was established last year to examine health risks and benefits associated with legalized marijuana.

The report, from the department's Drug Use and Misuse Advisory Committee, also points to the high risk of overdoses after use, but not recommended to the public.

The committee said it could help explain why there are more overdose deaths from prescription opioids in Ontario than marijuana, which has similar effects.

The report concludes that medical marijuana should be allowed for use by those without medical-surgical or other post-operative conditions as long as the product is tested before doctors prescribe it.

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