Basketball is a game which involved teams, each team has five players. The destination is to score the ball into the opposite basket and prevent the other team to score. The players can pass the basketball in various styles but there are still rules to limit the players. Actually the forms of basketball are various, like the three people to three people who are called street basketball need more skills to play. The players like to wear cheap basketball jerseys to make them more professional in the street basketball

The highest level in today's world basketball league is the United States National Basketball Association (NBA). In 1904, Basketball was included in performances at the Olympic Games to the 1936 Berlin Olympics to become an official project. Women's Basketball became a project until Montreal Olympics in 1976.

The rules of basketball have a long history. changes of the rules promote the development of basketball, and basketball technical ,tactical level continues to improve, and promote the perfect place for the appropriate rules to modify or supplement, so that high-level basketball step to the health and direction.

Rules and basketball skills act as the productive forces and production relations, is complementary, interdependent and mutually reinforcing relationship. Rules ensure the normal basketball game through the positive, negative, allow or not allow. Rules developed from the original 13 rules to today's 58 rules, basketball skills and tactics developed from the original simple, low-level to the present high level, they are many years of mutual restraint, mutually reinforcing results. All these promote the healthy development of basketball. Comply with the rules of court action, which is the correct action, on the contrary is wrong action. All these make the basketball fans that in basketball jerseys know how to identify the success of basketball players.

FIBA will change and reset the rules every four years, Its purpose is to promote basketball skills and tactics to further the development and limit violent action, making the competition to civilization, in the net and managed to intense and full of direction. The changes of rules are unknown and free to change easily; it is based on a certain purpose for the changes. Specific guidelines are necessary to follow.

Fair, balance, define, short, safe, powerful and so on, all these rules make the basketball game powerful and fascinating. More and more players like the basketball rules just as they like their wholesale basketball jerseys.


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